Framer, gilder and art designer

Anne Thisse has been a gilder, framer and art designer for nearly ten years. She jhas leanrt her craftsmanship in several art workhops where know-how is transmitted through generations. Keen to maintain these ancestral traditions, she works the old traditional way.High quality rresulets are thus guaranteed. This does not prevent her from working on creations of many styles, from the ost traditional to the most contemporary ones.


When you step into her workshop to get an artwork framed, Anne’s primary concern is to hightlit its artistic value while optimizing its preservation. This is why sha works only with neutral cardboard preserving artworks from acidity which is quite damageable to to papers of all kinds. She also wants to offer a wide array of materials and colours as well as a variety of techniques, which allows to find solutions best suited to the art work’s requirements and to your expectations.

In case of a print, engraving or etching which are to be framed with a glass mount, you can adorn it with a margin and a bevelled edge, with a card, with thin ink lines, or even with old style watercolour cardboard. The latter is a tinted card adorned with ink or gilded lines of varying width, sometimes with the addition of a designed cartouche at the bottom allowing to write a title. Corners may be softened rounded off in order to soften lines.

Then, eager to find the best fit between the artwork and the frame, Anne proposes a wide choice of custom-cut wooden rods, but she can also make them herself from scratch. As a gilder she is able to tint, gild and patinate the frame with colours and a finish of your choice. You can then obtain a unique piece of crafsmanship, specially designed for you art item.

Restoration of gilded wood

Anne also restores your gilded wood objects: frames, mirrors and sculptures will come back to a new life and brightess under her hands. She builds up again missing parts, cleans dusty gilded surfaces; restores damaged layers of primer, gilds again and restores patina in order to retrieve the ancient look. Thz technique used is a tempera gilding, which only uses natural raw materials such as rabbit skin glue, blanc de meudon or a red named armenia bowl.

Her partners

Your need may also involve other fields of craftsmanship. Anne has set up a newtwork of preferred partners whom she trusts and with whom she is used working: Thierry, cabinetmaker ; Patrick, wood sculptor ; Muriel, painting restorer ; Claire, upholster ; Julie, paper restorer.